Internships & Fellowships


Internships at Cascade Public Media expose students to a variety of careers in broadcasting, journalism and related professions. Working closely with a mentor, interns gain practical, hands-on, career-related experience that complements their formal education. Interns commit a minimum of 8 hours per week, up to a maximum of 20 hours of service, and internships must be completed prior to graduation.

The Cascade Public Media Internship Program is quarterly in duration:

  • Spring: April, May & June
  • Summer: July, August & September
  • Fall: October, November & December
  • Winter: January, February & March

Interns are paid a stipend of $1,500 per quarter (paid out as $500 per month) to assist with living expenses such as food, transportation and rent during the internship.

To be eligible for a Cascade Public Media Internship, students must meet the following minimum requirements (along with any position-specific requirements):

  • Currently be an undergraduate enrolled in a course of study at an institution of higher learning, such as college, community college or vocational school
  • Currently be enrolled in a program that leads to a degree; certificate or diploma programs are not eligible
  • Possess a minimum GPA of 2.5 for sophomores, juniors and seniors Receiving school credit for the internship is strongly preferred

Emerging Journalists Fellowship Program

Cascade Public Media’s Emerging Journalists Fellowship Program will cultivate a new generation of smart, tech-savvy public-interest journalists by embedding early-career storytellers right in our newsroom. In today’s competitive and fast-changing media environment, a couple of internships, or even a journalism degree, are not enough to launch a career, and opportunities for genuine coaching and mentorship are increasingly scarce. We will give our fellows a little rocket fuel by providing them with a full-immersion multimedia newsroom experience, sending them away with knowledge, an entrepreneurial mindset, and a body of work that will serve as a launching pad for a successful career in writing, photography, video journalism, or some mashup of all of these.

Our focus will be on recent graduates of undergraduate and graduate programs in journalism or related fields and/or emerging journalists with a few years of experience. That said, we will not limit ourselves to applicants with traditional journalism or educational backgrounds. We are interested in telling great stories, and believe that storytelling is enriched by a wide array of life experiences. We will put a special emphasis on attracting applicants offering diversity in ethnic, racial, gender and cultural heritages, much of which is sorely lacking in journalism today.

In addition to gaining hands-on experience with feature and news stories, fellows will participate in a rich educational curriculum. Fellows will attend monthly training sessions on such topics as public-records requests, reporting for historical background, and capturing documentary-style footage. We will complement these educational opportunities by bringing in some of the most respected journalists in the region to talk to staff and fellows alike about the craft.