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April 2021

Wednesday, April 7 2021

What Unites Us?

Crosscut / Community event

After more than a year of life-altering events and collective traumas, compounded by deep partisan divides, many of us aren’t sure who to trust or how to come together, if we wanted to. Unity feels like a fantasy. Our guest, Eric Liu, is co-founder and CEO of Citizen University and directs the Aspen Institute's Citizenship & American Identity Program. For years, he’s led with a zen-like optimism, advocating for civic engagement as a way to find common cause. In troubled times like these, does he still see a way back together?

Thursday, April 8 2021

The Foods that Made Seattle

KCTS 9 / Community event

Join KCTS 9 as we take a look at the foods that made Seattle with the people who know them best. Speakers include Pho Bac's Yenvy Pham, KCTS 9's resident historian Knute Berger, Tilikum Place Cafe's Ba Culbert, Bob Donegan of Ivar's Seafood Restaurants & Chowder and Farshid Varamini of Gantry Public House and Pioneer Grill Hot Dogs.