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Monday, May 3 - Saturday, May 8 2021

Crosscut Festival

Crosscut / Community event

Journalists, politicians, authors, and newsmakers from our community and across the nation come together to take a hard look at the people, policy and events that shape our lives. This year's speakers include Jane Goodall, Ibram X. Kendi, Nancy Pelosi, Judy Woodruff, Rick Steves, Pramila Jayapal, Robert Reich and many more. Full schedule and list of speakers available here

Thursday, May 27 2021

A Reckoning on Race with Doug Baldwin and Shaun Scott

Crosscut / Community event

One year after the murder of George Floyd, the reckoning over race in America continues. The mass protests that followed the killing of Floyd included calls for the end of policing as we know it and demanded that we reexamine systemic inequities. A year later, we look back with one of our region’s most famously frank athletes, and one of its most compelling young organizers, to ask the question: How much has actually changed in America?