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Community Advisory Board

What is the CAB?

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) mission is to inform CPM management and staff about community issues and stories appropriate for content development and engagement to support the communities we serve. The CAB is comprised of up to 20 members who reside throughout Central and Western Washington, and Canada. The Board is advisory only and has no authority over the management or operations of the station. 

Community Advisory Board Members

British Columbia, Canada

Ben Lu, Vancouver, BC
Candice Gibson, Port Coquitlam, BC - Vice Chair
Robert Chorner, Port Moody, BC
Krista Edwardson, Vancouver, BC
Scott Fraser, Vancouver, BC
Kailin Che, Vancouver, BC
Kevin Lim, Vancouver, BC

Central Washington

Charlie Robin, Yakima, WA  
Randie Gottlieb, Yakima, WA
Alexander Pualani, Yakima, WA
Conan Viernes, Wapato, WA

Western Washington

Tom Conlon, Redmond, WA
Son Michael Pham, Sammamish, WA
Fritz Kessler, Seattle, WA - Chair
Cynthia Rekdal, Seattle, WA
Stephanie Johnson-Toliver, Seattle, WA


CAB Nomination Process

Cascade Public Media is your community owned and operated public media organization, including KCTS 9 and We are led by members of our community who serve on our Governing Board of Directors and our KCTS 9 Community Advisory Board. 

We will open this submission form the next time we are seeking board members for our Community Advisory Board, who have an interest in contributing to the success of public media. We are excited to have new members join us in engaging with our local communities.

You can find out more about the responsibilities Community Advisory Board members and the qualities we are looking for below: