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IBEW Local 46 Updates

CWA Statement

January 28, 2020

Yesterday, employees represented by the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Guild indicated plans to reach out to Cascade Public Media donors.

We hold our relationship with donors in special trust — and have policies and procedures in place to safeguard donors’ personal and confidential information. We are investigating how that information was obtained and to see if any policies have been violated.  No credit card or financial account information was compromised.

Cascade Public Media Statement on Outsourcing the Donor & Audience Relations Team

January 9, 2020

After a period of review and input from IBEW, Cascade Public Media has made a final decision to outsource the Donor and Audience Relations team (DART).  For many years, our organization has been working with ACD to provide call center support outside of our business hours.  We have now decided to transition to using ACD’s services 24/7.

A lot of thought and care has been given to making this transition because it will directly affect four positions on the DART team.  

Statement: Decision to Outsource Master Control

December 10, 2019

After months of careful consideration and input from our partners at IBEW Local 46, Cascade Public Media has made the final decision to move forward with outsourcing our master control functionality to a third party service.  We have selected Public Media Management (PMM), a service providing content distribution and master control solutions from Sony and WGBH.

Master Control and Donor and Audience Team Restructure Statement

September 12, 2019

Today, we informed our Master Control Operators and Donor & Audience Relations team members that we are considering outsourcing their responsibilities to third-party providers. We appreciate the gravity that this decision would have on the team members whose jobs would be affected if we proceed. This consideration, or our decision to proceed, should not be interpreted as a reflection on anyone’s capabilities or talents.